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Sleeping Positions for Aches and Pains

If you’ve ever lost a wink of sleep because your legs feel restless or your back is a bother, the problem may stem from your sleeping position. It’s easier said than done to change the way that we sleep, especially after we’ve habitually done so for several years, but it doesn’t hurt to try. If you suffer from sciatica, degenerative disc disease, or mild to moderate back pain, and you’ve exhausted your pain management options, allow us to encourage you to reevaluate your posture during sleep so that you can improve your quality of rest.

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How Stress Really Affects Our Bodies

Acute feelings of worry may arise if we are late for a meeting or struggling to reach a deadline. For immediate, short-term situations, stress can be beneficial to a person because it may help them increase productivity, or cope with potentially serious situations. When the stress response doesn’t stop launching itself, these levels will become chronic and affect a person’s behavior and overall well-being.

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